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Champ - The little plesiosaur

Champ - children's book

Champ - The little plesiosaur

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  • Champ - The little plesiosaur is a children’s book that tells the story of Champ, the sea creature who lives in Lake Champlain.The story begins with a young Champ finding himself alone and then his adventures along the Adirondack coast as he matures. The book is a combination of photos that I’ve taken and watercolors I created and merged to show a visual representation of our beloved Champ. Although the book reflects endless hours of work, I loved combining two passions, photography and watercolors.The story is based on stories I heard growing up, documented history and of course, a dollop of folk lore.I hope that you enjoy this endearing story of Champ and the art that I created to make our favorite lake creature come to life.


    Janet A - I just purchased and read this children’s book about Champ. Thank you, Pam for writing and illustrating a beautiful story

    Jeana B- I also got a copy of Pam’s new children’s book for Lily. So WELL done.

    Cindy C - Got my books today!! Love them. Great job Pam! 

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