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My creations are on sale at Tromblee's Greenhouse & Gift Shop in Crown Point. I have to give a great big "thank you" to all of you who bought from my small business!  Thank you for fueling my passion!  If there is any specific decorative item you are interested in, please let me know.   


I love to share my passion to create and can be contacted to teach a craft class at your home or venue.  I provide all the supplies and instruction so that you can create your own one of a kind primitive decorative item.  If interested,  contact me and together we will identify a project that fits what you have in mind and  to identify the skill level of you and your friends.

Hey there!  I’m Pam and I'm an artist that lives in the Adirondack Park along beautiful Lake Champlain.   I love to re-purpose, re-imagine and re-love vintage and antique items and "junk" by turning them into one of a kind home décor item.


Click on Champ book photo to learn where you can buy books & stickers.

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I've been drawing, painting and making things ever since I can remember. My passion is to re-purpose, re-imagine and re-love a piece of junk,  giving it a second chance to shine.   Please enjoy a tour of my creations! Follow me on my Facebook page to see more!

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